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How to study when tired – Best 7 Tips for studying while tired

Have you ever tried studying while tired? If you remember those times, you might smile now. Because you know ‘how to study when tired’ is not just a thing, it is something you need the effort to put on! I am an engineering student, and I know how hard we must study when we do a degree or prepare for an exam. Even though I had this problem, It was so annoying! Nah? How to study when tired. I do a few sports at the university and know how hard studying is while tired. On most days, I finish my practice at about 6 pm. I am so tired when I get to the hostel, but I can study. However, I am too tired to study after work and practise because I know how to study when tired and the best tips for studying while tired. So here are my top recommended tips for you to study when you’re tired.

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1. Drink water to study when tired

When you study, always keep a freshwater bottle near to you. It’s good to keep a glass bottle because it can also cool your eyes. Thrust me, and I have followed these methods. When you are studying while tired, you will feel sleepy. You should drink two or three zips of water and be fresh at that moment. Close your eyes for a second and put your glass water bottle on your eyes and be calm for a few seconds. Remember, don’t close your eyes for a long time, like five minutes or more. Just close your eyes for a few seconds; otherwise, you will get to sleep.

Drinking water will destroy your sleepiness and your tiredness. Don’t drink too much water; if you do, you will feel sleepy when studying more than before. When you are tired, you won’t even need a bed to sleep on if you drink too much water. You can sleep on your studying desk. So, do drink water under control.

Drink water to study when tired

2. Listen to loud music.

If you want to study when tired, you must do something to inspire your brain. Because if you are studying while tired, your brain forces you to sleep. Then, you will feel so sleepy when studying automatically. So, to get rid of that sleep invitation, you must inspire your brain and mind. That’s why I suggest you listen to loud music ( not harmful to your ears) when you are studying while tired and sleepy. I used to tune in to music when planning my first year-end semester examination. It helped me a lot to concentrate my mind and studying while tired. I tested those methods, and they worked well for me. So, try those things to study well.

listen to loud music studying while tired

3. Study your favourite subject or lesson

When you are studying while tired, always choose your favourite subject or the lesson to study. Because when you select your favourite topic or the lesson, it will inspire you and pass that sleepy time well. You can study your favourite subject without getting tired or bothering. It will inspire you. After you pass the sleepy time, you can move to a hard or less inspiring lesson or subject. It is an excellent trick for studying while tired also. As a university student, I also study so many hours continuously. I use this tip to study without getting tired, maybe all day. So, learning a favourite subject or lesson is the best tip to continue studying while tired.

How to study when tired - study your favourite subject

4. Wash your face once per an hour.

Oh, I love this tip when it comes to the ‘how to study when tired’ mess. When you are studying while tired, this is one of the best ways to get rid of it. I used to study for over 12 hours on certain days. I felt so tired when continuously learning for a long time. But, I could manage it and study without getting tired because I used these tips. I wash my face at least once per hour or every time I get sleepy when studying. It made me so fresh, and I could study well. That freshness helped a lot to remember the lessons well.

feel sleepy when studying? - wash your face


You shouldn’t get up and go away every time you get a chance to go or feel about leaving studying. If you do so, you won’t have time to study. So, try to go away maximumly once per hour while studying. Always stay focused on your main work!

5. Squeeze your ears and ear tips

Study while tired and not being sleepy when studying is not that easy work. You have to be so vigorous to do so. Especially if you study when tired after work or sports practices, you will feel too tired to study after work and practices. But you must be firm with your mind and thoughts to study though your feelings lead you in another way. If you already do so, you are an influential person from both sides. I mean, physically and mentally, you are such a strong person.

When you feel blinking eyes so much more than before, squeeze your ears and drag down your ear tips for a few seconds. By doing that, you can dispose of incoming sleepiness and continue studying though you feel sleepy when studying. You can do it when you want to study for a long time without getting tired. If this tip doesn’t work for you, please follow another lead, like go away for a minute and wash the face. Try to do your maximum while studying.

Study with focus

6. Take a minute and remember your target.

This tip was a massive lead which I used to do a lot, even now. When I had the mess of how to study when tired and not being sleepy when studying, I took a few minutes and tried to remember my target. I tried to remember what I would get if I passed this test well; what would be my future life if I did this well. Though they were just thoughts, they helped me a lot to concentrate my mind and study well. Those feelings will help you as well. So, remember your target and your future life during the hard moments of studying while tired.

Feeling tired before studying and too tired to study after work can happen to anyone. But, if you try to remember your target and future life when tired and sleepy, you will keep calm and study. Never think you are too tired to study after work. Always try to think about your good future life and concentrate your mind.

think about your target.


If you try to overthink when studying, your mind will bring you even to the moon. So, think about the target, be motivated, be inspired, and get back to work again!

7. Talk with someone when feeling sleepy.

Do you feel sleepy when studying? or Do you wanna know how to study when tired? Do you want to study when tired and even you are so sleepy? Then close the book for a few minutes you were reading or trying to read and talk to someone near you. If you don’t have someone near you to talk to, you can call someone. Your family or best friends won’t leave you behind; try to speak with them. Don’t try to talk with them about a lesson or an exam. Just try something more relaxed. Just talk about an old sweet memory. You can try to tell a funny story. Talk about something funny. Thrust me; this works well. My friends and I used to do this at the hostel.

Talk to someone, but it won’t be a huge conversation. Just talk with someone for a few minutes. A ten-minute discussion is enough to get rid of tiredness and sleepiness. This tip is handy for studying while tired and also studying while sleepy. Remember not to talk too much. If you do so, it will ruin your valuable time. This tip is an excellent lead to study without getting tired also. If you study for a long time, this will help eliminate tiredness and sleepiness.

These are the best tips you can use when you are with the mess of how to study when tired. Don’t despair if you feel exhausted every time you get to study. These things will help you to get rid of tiredness and sleepiness. Feeling sleepy and tired before studying is also usual. Yet, it would help if you realized how to oversee it and work. As a university student, I know how to study when tired and hard to do it. I have done it well, even doing it now as well. So, those are my top recommendations for studying while tired.

talk with someone


After you follow those things, still feel sleepy and tired, try sleeping for one or two hours. Tell someone to wake you up because if you are too tired, you won’t be able to wake up.

Sleeping is an essential thing in our life. More than that, sleeping is necessary for our body when we are so tired. So, try to sleep at least four hours per day. Don’t let sleep control your life. So, use these tips to study well when you are tired and not be sleepy when studying. Don’t forget to share your ideas with the world and also with us in the comment section.

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