Why is it hard for me to learn? - The PERFECT Answer and Solutions!

Why is it hard for me to learn? – The PERFECT Answer and Solutions!

Have you ever felt why is it hard for me to learn? If you have studied hard or even if you have tried hard to study, you know the hell of the difficulty learning new things, and you should have had this question, why is it hard for me to learn? Most people try to give up studying and try to earn money instead of learning something important for future life due to the difficulty learning new things. Anyway, I’m afraid I have to disagree that they are wasting their time learning new things. Somehow they learn something from somewhere or someone in their life. Just think about a man who has given up all his studies and has gone to work in a garage as a full-time worker; he or she may be good at it, and he knows that he can do the mechanical job very well; he knows his potential. That’s why he has decided to go to that job, and the main thing is he likes it. Because he has got all the freedom to choose his job, but at the same time, he has to select a matching career for his qualifications. So that he won’t feel why is it hard for me to learn, he likes it now, and he and he can learn and earn willingly now.

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I don’t want to tell you about choosing a matching career or making the right decision when choosing a career. (I’ll speak about it in a later article). I am going to talk about the problem you and I both have, why is it hard for me to learn and what can we do to learn effortlessly.

But I must say about that garage person. If he stops learning how to repair a vehicle, he is a total failure. After getting his job, he can know something more to shine for himself and his career, he can overcome difficulty learning new things. So, that’s how learning should be. We learn from birth to death. That’s the learning. Though that person chose to give up his regular studies (like going to a high school or a university), he still has learning challenges. He has to learn about repairing vehicles. It can be more challenging when the vehicle gets more modern. When the vehicle changes, he has to learn to repair that new vehicle.

You can’t go away from studying. We learn things from our birth to death. It is the way it is, and it is the nature of the world, so, though it is hard or not, we have to face it.

Of course, Some times it is hard for you to learn, and there may be difficulty learning new things. But, we should be capable of handling the hardships of learning. That’s an achievement which can get for a good learner. If we can hold those hardships and continue our work, that’s the best thing you can get from studying. Not only those theories and all. You can get good qualities like hard work and taking responsibility if you can study well during a hard time. So, the answer to ‘why is it hard for me to learn is Because learning hard and with a big effort makes so many valuable skills for a person. That’s why learning has become hard. We can do many things to handle the pressure of studying when our studies get harder. Let’s see what we can do, not to get learning so hard. Here are my top recommended tips to overcome difficulty learning new things.

Follow the theory notes again.

When you study or learn something new, you need to be patient. If you feel learning something is hard, don’t be afraid of it. Just keep calm and go through the lesson again. Take the notes and go through them again from the beginning if you feel that lesson is so hard. You can begin where you didn’t get the task. This tip is an excellent lead to practice. It will overcome your difficulty learning new things gradually. I have done this for quite a while, and now also I do this thing. Don’t be lazy. Just think about the goal you are going to achieve.

So, always be motivated by thinking about it. Then come back to the lesson again and start from the beginning. Always think ‘I can do this”. If you don’t have notes, ask your friend. Be friendly with others. If they ask for notes from you, give them also. So, when you feel why is it hard for me to learn, start where you think this lesson is hard; start from the exact first point you started to feel that thought. If you don’t get it, then go back to the beginning. Start from the beginning and follow them again. Spend your time in a special way.

why is it hard for me to learn - solutions
Try Following your Theory Notes Again!

Ask your teacher or lecturer.

It’s so usual getting a question when you study something new. Feeling learning is challenging is also a regular thing. When you get questions about your studying stuff, You might feel why is it hard for me to learn, can’t we earn money without studying much? But, it will be a huge help if you remember you are living in a modern world that goes forward with knowledge and skills. So, you have to learn well. When you get a question, don’t be shy to ask that question from your teacher or the lecturer. Teachers and lecturers will help you to solve the problem. It will help you to make your studying easy. Learning is hard work; that’s why we need teachers to help with our studies. So, always ask them when you get a question.

Ask from your lecturer when having difficulty learning new things
Ask from your Lecturer!

Talk with friends when you get a question.

When we learn, we have any doubts, but we can manage them by ourselves; only the thing we have to do is think for a moment about the damn question. If you can’t get a good answer to that question after all hard thinking and work, you can ask someone capable of it to get a suitable solution. The man you are asking about your question should be capable of giving a good answer. I also do the same when I have issues with something in my studies. Always feel free to talk to others with an open mind. Not only in your studies but also in your life you can chat with others about your problems. Others mean not society; it means your best friends or your family or someone you can trust.

Try to talk with friends when you feel why is it hard for me to learn.
Talk with your Friends!

Think about your target

It doesn’t matter who you are; the important thing is who you want to be. Think about your target, plans, and goals when you feel so hard or sad or angry about your studies and learning stuff. Everyone can get to the degree level if they work hard and sacrifice. Even that garage man can also get a degree and higher his rank if he thinks to study further.

Try to think about the future that you will get if you achieve your goal. When you feel why is it hard for me to learn, I want to quit; think about the sacrifices you have made to come here so far. Just think about people who made sacrifices for you to go so far. Think about what you can do to show your gratitude when you achieve your goal. Motivate by thinking about those and defeat that ‘this is hard; I want to quiet’ feeling. Always be strong, and confident and work hard to achieve your goal.

Think about your target when getting difficulty learning new things.
Think about your Target!

Be proud about learning something new.

Why is it hard for me to learn something new? Is this true? From my point of view, no, it’s not. If you like to learn something new, you can learn it more leisurely than other things. For example, I like the Hindi language, and I wanted to learn it. Though learning a new language is hard, I could effortlessly learn how to write in Hindi. I am learning the Hindi language still. I love learning Hindi. So, I didn’t feel it was hard.

Always try to learn something you like. Be proud of learning something new. Don’t be shy or lazy to learn something new. One day, you will get the usage of learning hard. Thank me for that day. So, be proud of what you learn. I don’t think it is too hard for me. Think wisely and work wisely. You can easily defeat the difficulty learning new things.

Be Proud
Be proud about learning something new!

Take a rest

If you feel why is it hard for me to learn, you can be exhausted from studying. It is better to have a rest. If you want to continue your studies when you are tired and sleepy, I have a special tips list for you. It is usual, though you are so tired, you want to study. Think about a year-end exam. Trips or functions or whatever you do are not relevant for an exam. It will test how much you have learned well and how suitable you are for this degree. So, Although we are so tired, we have to study.

But this situation is a bit different from that. Sometimes you will get these types of questions and feelings; why is it hard for me to learn? Why is learning so hard? learning is hard work for me; I want to quiet; why do I have difficulty learning new things? Though I try my best, why do I have difficulty learning new things? Maybe, all those questions are because you have become so tired, and your remaining energy is not enough to defeat these feelings. Oh man, You are running out of fuel. You have to refill soon. That’s why you need to take a rest. Take a rest for a few hours. Try watching a movie or talking with others. Do something else you can be happy with. So, you will forget those lazy and destructive questions. You will be able to study again as a refreshed man.

Thrust me; this method works well. This tip is such a special tip. I used to do this thing a lot, and it worked for me well. So, take a rest, be fresh, and come back to study. You won’t feel why is it hard for me to learn. Maybe, you will be able to learn better than you did before.

Take a rest if you feel why is it hard for me to learn and tired of learning.
Take a rest and do something to be relaxed!


Learning is hard work. But, if you only complain about why is it hard for me to learn, you won’t win this battle. You have to know what you have to do; not to get learning is so hard. Even though learning is hard, you have to use it and be prepared to overcome those hardships. When you start to study something new, you will have difficulty learning new things, and you will find it hard work. But if you keep faith in yourself and are keen on learning that new thing, you can overcome those hardships and achieve your goal. You know what makes learning challenging and defeating those destructive things and feelings.

I have explained tips you can use when your studies get hard. Don’t question yourself why is it hard for me to learn again and again. Try to find what you can do to overcome difficulty learning new things. Don’t forget to comment on your precious ideas below.

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